Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


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Withdrawal Problem
* Withdrawal requests process from the time of your request.
* You can withdraw to the payment system that you have deposited from.
* Minimum withdrawal amount is only $10.00

Deposit Problem
* Minimum deposit amount is only $100.00

Trade Modules
* You will earn daily, 5 days per week, for the number of calendar days specify for the package you have chosen, and principal (invested amount) will already be included in the daily amount received. 48 hours is required to deploy funds of new Trade Modules acquired, and will begin daily earning at that point (does not include weekends and holidays).

Daily Profit Issues
* You are not receiving daily profit? It usually takes a few days for the funds you have deployed for trading by way of the package you have chosen, to be activately placed for trading and profit generation.

Investing From Balance
* Trade Modules have daily accounting & display daily interest just like a Bank CD (Certificate of Deposit), however they are a 365 Days Contract and all earnings from this matures at the end of the Contract just like a Bank CD, which at that time, those funds in your Account eWallet can be used to reinvest by purchasing new Trade Modules.
* Our company executives want our members and leaders to know that this issue and subject in passive investment programs, ad packs & ad share platforms, etc is one of the major factors in those companies not being able to stand the test of time, because that company's ability to meet its future interest return obligations, become exponential and uncalculable and when unmanageable and ultimately unsustainable & unreachable. We know that by making the Trade Module operate as a fixed contract, it does do as nearly all other similar programs are touting and presenting as a great feature, however, operating this way provides the10xTradeProfits program with the ability to effectively forecast, and the ability to confidently promote the stability & reliability of the daily trading profits returns being offered on the site.
* One final point. Your Account eWallet balance actually has two parts. One part is Funds that you may load to the Account before making a Trading Module purchase, and the other is daily interest accumulation toward the completion of the Contract. Loaded funds portion can be used at any time. Daily interest accumulation toward the completion of the Trade Module can be reinvested or purchase new Trade Modules with that portion, upon Contract completion. Our company executives have already decided that these two eWallet balances should be separated, but it is not a simple quick thing to do because of all the internal places the full eWallet balance is used, and the Tech Dept has many other more vital tasks at this time, however, they will get to it in 1st Quarter 2023.

Account Logging Out
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Email Receiving
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